West Point Model School emphasizes to create the moral and physical development of the child. It believes that the main objective of the educative process should be the training of students in such a way that they may be able to realize their capability and make them self-confident and become the best citizens of the country. It is only the education which can inculcate among the children the ability or power of better judgement and build them strong characters. Students here acquire the qualities of head, heart and hand which are the qualities of system of education through various activities. They participate being led by their self-interest and with an eye to the meaning in connection with real life. Acquiring life skills is thereby a very essential and integral part of our educational process. Our main object is not only to cultivate fullness of knowledge or refinement of feelings but also strengthen and purity of character.

Our main aim is at Pre-primary Level:
  • To create homely environment where learning is fun
  • To make up the child’s mind through innovative ideas
  • To make the child’s area of strength through flexible curriculum
  • To make the learning way of fun through general use of Audio-Video aids
  • To enhance the personality of the child – inter class story narration, poem recitation, fancy dress competitions etc.
  • To make a child creative mind – creative activities are conducted on daily routine basis


Primary (CLASS I TO V)


The aims of the curriculum are to ensure that learning opportunities are provided to all the children that they may be able to recognize and celebrate their uniqueness, develop their overall potential and prepare them to face the challenges in the coming future. Our main focus is on the child as learner, and expertise them through variety of teaching methodologies that is an essential feature of the curriculum. The curriculum of key skills is to make the students perfect in communication, problem solving, critical thinking, inquiry, investigation and analysis, and social and personal awareness as well as interaction.


Our main aim is at Primary Level:
  • To multi-dimensional approach to academics.
  • To develop child’s mind to face the problems and solve them easily.
  • To emphasis on language development through reading and creative writing, group discussions, general class speaking competitions and conversation classes.
  • To prepare the students for quizzes and debates on various topics.
  • To inspire students to be creative and confident through innovative ideas.
  • To provide the basic knowledge of computer and multimedia.
  • To create scientific attitude through practical demonstrations, experiments in science, Social Science and Maths and class activities.




The development of personality by education is not limited to intellectual training only but it is the development of the whole child mentally, emotionally, physically, ethically and socially. We believe that education implies every phase of the process by which it seeks to develop socially valuable abilities and features in its students. Our main aim is to enable the children to live complete life so that they can provide their services to the society in the coming future.

  • To create their interest and curiosity to get thorough knowledge.
  • To motivate the students to find things out for themselves while doing the activities
  • To provide the intensive training of multimedia
  • To encourage the students to do the practical of computer and science regularly
  • To inspire students to read and write innovative concepts and English conversation
  • To teach the value for use of Science and Maths labs
  • To encourage the students make simple analysis and explore rationally.




The syllabus for Secondary and Senior Secondary has been compiled with curriculum set by CBSE and the guidelines provided by the CBSE from time to time.




A scheme of continuous and comprehensive evaluation is followed to evaluate the progress made by the learner in both scholastic and co-scholastic areas of learning.




Scholastic areas include Formative and Summative Assessments




Formative Assessments, a range of formal and informal assessment procedures are conducted by teachers during the learning process in order to improve students’ attainment. It involves regular descriptive feedback, a chance for the students to reflect on their performances, take advice and improve upon it. It involves students’ being an essential part of assessment from designing criteria for assessing self or peers. It improves students’ performance tremendously and raises the self esteem of the child.


The school offers Commerce Stream with choice of Mathematics and Humanities Group.


Sr. Secondary Academic Stream



  • English Core
  • Economics
  • Accountancy
  • Business Studies
  • Mathematics/Hindi



  • English Core
  • Geography
  • Political Science
  • History
  • Hindi
Social Media
BROTHERHOOD EDUCATION SOCIETY (REGD.) The society was formed in 1995 in pursuit of vision and mission that has the multiple objectives of provisions to provide better education to the coming generation and make them the best citizens of India along with all round development of the child that is the need of the hour.